Having gone through The Las Olas Network’s process as a candidate, I highly recommend them to anyone looking to add talent to their team or searching for a new job opportunity. They took the time to understand what my career means to me, what I’m looking to accomplish, and what type of opportunities align with my career goals. Alex not only put me in front of relevant positions but also went beyond expectations by introducing me to members of his network that could offer the type of opportunities I was looking for. Through these introductions, I was hired by an incredible organization that developed a newly created position specifically structured to my value-add as an employee and offered the exact career progression I was looking for.

Brandon Light
Head of Business Enablement, ConvenientMD

When conducting our search for a new addition to our Finance team, we had a variety of ideas on what level this person could join our organization and what deliverables they would take responsibility for. Alex and The Las Olas Network worked with us to understand the compensation ranges, talent availability, and diversity in expertise that could help with our needs. During our search, they introduced us to a variety of candidates across multiple experience levels to help us understand the candidate landscape and skillsets available in the market. We eventually found the perfect fit and were able to make an amazing addition to our department!

Christina Kendrix
Sr. VP of Finance, The Service Companies

We partnered with The Las Olas Network to assist us in a large hiring project across 5 Dental offices. There was a major shortage in clinical professionals post covid lockdown, and Alex and his team helped us restaff our offices with Dental Assistants, Hygienists, Dentists and Endodontists. Their approach was highly collaborative and helped us to understand the landscape of the labor market and what we needed to do to be competitive. They brought solutions and simplicity to a complicated issue, and helped us get back on track while allowing us to allocate our time and resources to other parts of the business.

Heidi Arndt
President, Evolve Dental Advisors

Alex and his team have supported our organization since 2019. Since then, our company has transformed and grown at a rapid pace. The Las Olas Network has been an invaluable partner in scaling our hiring needs to support our growth while facilitating an interview process that has been simple and time-efficient. They go above and beyond in communicating our plans and goals to potential candidates, which has made all of the difference in identifying professionals that fit our organization’s culture and strategy.

Steven Scoppetuolo
CFO, Tropic Oil Company

We utilize The Las Olas Network to hire across a number of our portfolio companies. They understand the talent needs we require at each stage of a company’s life-cycle and the growth-oriented mindset we look for in our employees. They’re quick, flexible, and always able to pivot according to our needs. Highly recommended for any firm looking for a consultative approach to their hiring.

Joshua Weber
Managing Director, MBF Healthcare Partners

Alex and his team are the best in class. Their understanding of the market, ability to properly set expectations, and consistently present candidates that hit the mark is unique. Alex and his team have been my go-to staffing partners for high-priority and difficult-to-fill roles.

Ches Courtney
Head of Talent, MetaMap

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